Lecture on Management Thinking Mistakes App by WiB Solutions from Switzerland
by Lukas Ritzel, Senor Consultant, Entrepreneur and Guest Lecturer at various academic institutes Sept 18, US time 17:30-19:30
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For this lecture we will use a presentation technology called Prezi. This will NOT be possible to be pushed through blackboard. This means you will have to work in 2 windows in your browser.
To ensure we are always aligned i have added numberings to the views and will always again refer to them (1 - 60)

to ensure you can as well follow the presentation from home refer to the recordings from blackboard together with the script which is available from


The Prezi is as well embedded into this Wiki (see below) and some of you may just press PLAY PREZI to get it first loading (see the blue bar on top resp bottom showing the progress of loading the complete Prezi)
BEST IS ALWAYS TO HAVE YOUR PREZI LOADED COMPLETELY before starting to move around the guided tour
(For iPhone and iPad just click the Prezi itself and Prezi will ask you to install the Prezi player for the iPhone and then it will as well load for those devices or search for the free Prezi app in your app store)
If you click then the little screen on the bottom of the Prezi window it will show the presentation in full screen mode
to advance to the next slide you can use the arrowkeys on your keyboard to move forward and backwards
To get out of the fullscreen mode, click 'Escape' on your keyboard or click again down right onto the symbol for fullscreen
To switch back to the Harvard blackboard you may click the purple symbol in your taskbar or use the keyboard to switch screens

EMBEDDED PREZI (you cannot click the PLAY PREZI from within Blackboard but must open the Prezi in a separate browser window) > SEE LINK ABOVE


  1. Working with Prezi
  2. Working with the breakout rooms and shared document

  1. Understanding Thinking Bias, Fallacies, Flaws or logical thinking mistakes
  2. Why an App
  3. Debate in Breakout rooms: Lessons learnt from the app
  4. Become part of the app yourself > project

PS it sure will be of interest to argue and discuss on October 30th lecture on the case: Is leadership responsible for the financial crisis?

Download Link for free App (iphone only)
WiB Solutions landing page for App

HOW to use YouTube movie (Start App > Search > Usage > select objective > dive into the possible thinking traps you my be faced with, note them down and shape your awareness, eventually apply some of the suggested management tools suggested to avoid those mistakes right from the beginning. )

Interview for Cruxial CIO news portal launched September 2013: An App to Get CEO’s to Think Straight


In your breakout room i would like you to discuss and research on the Black Swan fallacy which is not yet included into the app. The objective as well as a template for your delivery is accessible from here http://denkfehler-app.wikispaces.com/space/content as a PowerPoint (ver 2010, PC) as well as as in PDF format. Your findings and suggestions will then be presented to the whole class at the end of the lecture


The project is as well explained in the same slides from http://denkfehler-app.wikispaces.com/space/content . Deadline and delivery details will be added here below later.

The course syllabus can be downloaded from here.
Management tools which works well together with the management thinking mistakes app (portal and app)
Interesting second reading link on Black Swan: Black Swan Events Are on the Rise. Is Your Business Prepared?

A good talk about a very recent issue by Toyota a movie titled: Toyota Fix: Real Solution or Red Herring?